Fortnightly Workshops

Our workshops are standalone learning experiences held fortnightly on Saturdays, facilitated by experts in the fields of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), development practice, leadership, and more. Each workshop stands alone, and all workshops are interrelated. Join one, some, or all of our workshops for complete learning experience. Our fortnightly workshops are ideal for you if:

  • You are looking for short and yet in-depth learning experiences in the field of NVC and social change,
  • You are a development practitioner, social change activist, NVC practitioner, or simply a citizen looking for in-depth ways to engage with social change
  • You are keen to spend a Saturday evening with a community of like-minded learners in an immersive workshop!

Financials and Scholarships

Our workshops and training programmes are offered at a nominal cost. Your contribution supports us to meet operational costs and support grassroots communities when possible.

Pay It Forward: Please choose an amount that you can offer us joyfully and willingly; anything you offer us above our stated cost will go towards offering scholarships to participants who may not be able to attend otherwise.

Scholarships: We would not like for finances to deter you from attending; if you would like a scholarship to attend, write to us with a short explanation of how a scholarship would support you: [email protected]