Telling Your Story: Self as the Facilitator for Change

Madhukar Shukla (Development Sector Professional)

Saturday, October 29 | 5:00 PM to 7.30PM IST

Madhukar Shukla (Development Sector Professional)

We all live our lives according the story we tell ourselves. These stories define what we see as the possibilities in our lives, mold our values and beliefs and determine the choices we make. Personal and social change happens when we change our stories.

Facilitating change (as a counselor, development sector professional, teacher, trainer or a coach, etc.) requires helping people to re-envision and re-invent their stories. So how can one get others to craft, believe and tell themselves a new story which is more empowering and liberating?

In this workshop we will understand how these personal stories change

  • By exploring our own story
  • How we can change the meaning of the story we tell ourselves, and
  • How we can use this understanding to facilitate change

The format of this experiential workshop will be short lecture presentations, self and group work, and presentations/ discussions.

About the Facilitator

Madhukar holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Lucknow University and is a PhD in personality psychology from IIT Kanpur. He is also a Professional Member of ISABS (Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Sciences). He has worked as a trainer/ consultant with multi-national organizations, social ventures and government agencies in the field of change management.

He has about four decades experience as a consultant with National Productivity Council and as a professor/ faculty with Administrative Staff College of India and XRLI Jamshedpur.

Madhukar was one of the founding members of the Advisory Council of University Network for Social Entrepreneurship (founded by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and Skill Center for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford). He has served as an assessor for the Echoing Green Fellowship Competition , a global competition to identify social entrepreneurs, and as the jury for the Oikos Case Competition on Social Entrepreneurship. He was also the Conference Coordinator of the National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship during 2009-17. He is author of 4 books, including Social Entrepreneurship in India: Quarter Idealism and a Pound of Pragmatism (Sage Publication, 2020).

Days and Time:

October 29th, 2022 at 5:00 PM to 7.30PM IST

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